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Red Sun department training

author:Administrator from:Internet date:2016-10-27 15:38

October 17, 2016 13:45 pm, the chairman of the board of directors to carry out the operation of the Department of summing up the meeting and business training, training instructors from the Division in the United States company's business department veteran Melody Tan as. To participate in the training of the business department colleagues a total of 14, and Du Dong attended the training.

Melody Tan stationed in the United States for many years, the foreign fashion indicators, trends, business dealings, cargo standards and a series of issues have unique insights and experience. The return, she specially arranged time for our existing business colleagues to train the old and new, and the first three quarters of 2016 to sum up the work of foreign trade, to sum up the corresponding problems to provide an improved program.

Melody Tan as we highlighted in 2016 on the cloth with some of the situation, as well as merchandiser for export products of all kinds of precautions, through her sorting out the data display, so that everyone on this summary has a more in-depth Of understanding. In this case,

In the end, Melody Tan on behalf of the company's business colleagues on the expectations: the company's evaluation of an employee is not just enough to see the process effort, but also depends on whether the performance, achieve goals, the completion of the objectives and tasks in the process of each Staff to learn to actively discover, analyze, summarize and solve problems, good at communicating with colleagues or guests, to be a truly learning and innovative professional staff.

The Division of the importance of practical experience and theoretical education of the input, the business department of various types of training, is a business staff to sum up the work, improve work, accurate positioning their role, give full play to their ability to an important guide.

Thanks to Melody Tan for her hardworking return home, sharing her experience and summarizing her work, and communicating with and helping each other. The training event ended at 15:30.