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Planning of The Second Red Sun Garment Factory

author:Administrator from:Internet date:2016-10-27 15:36

"Efficient, innovative, customer-oriented" has always been our core concept of red clothing. Red clothing since the establishment of a step by step, has made brilliant achievements.

But with the further expansion of the company, the pace of the times also fast forward, for the textile manufacturing industry, we need to produce the human resources it is among the largest number of industries. The more manual operation, the time required, manpower will be more.

We realize that we have to keep up with the times, the company must be reformed to change the mode of production.

After a long period of planning and leadership to discuss the communication, we decided to put the first reform of our base set in our Taishan branch.

Our Taishan Branch, rebuilt office space and production workshop, the Department of Operations and the Department of packaging, the company moved to the 4th floor office building spacious and bright office.
From the previous staff to sew clothes, and now spend hundreds of thousands of lines to add the equipment, in order to achieve the least amount of time to complete the most.

We have hired a rich experience in garment management for many years, Zhang Vice President, responsible for all business and production Taishan plant matters for the company's production reform to do a guiding role.
"Good governance, continuous innovation, trials and hardships, casting brand", this is our new ideas and goals, go forward to this goal to run, create greater glories, to a new level.